Reconciliation: Universal Laws For Healing Human Hurt and Broken Relationships

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Philip G. Ney, MD, FRCP (C) January 02, 2005 *Updated February 12, 2009**Updated May 30, 2009 Introduction The Benefits of Reconciliation The Results of Unforgiveness The Process Important Points to Remember In the Reconciliation Process Summary Addendum Draft Letter to the Pertetrator (*new) Draft Letter to the Victim (*new) Introduction When God decided that he would like to create a creature (humans) to be his friends, he made them “a little lower than God.” 1 Knowing they would have complex transactions and interpersonal relationships, He formulated the fundamental laws that...

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The Many Benefits of a Reality Based Lifestyle

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Philip Ney MD 22/12/06 Pioneer Publishing THESIS There are many measurable, personally experienced benefits from living a reality based lifestyle. Though people intuitively know this, and Christians from their knowledge of scripture affirm it, their fear and laziness keeps them from living in tune with God’s reality. The deleterious consequences are very significant, particularly progressive dehumanization. The advantages of living a reality-based lifestyle are that people truly become progressively more like God. DEFINITION Reality – Reality is what is permanent. Only what is...

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My Life’s Hard Lessons and Joyful Discoveries

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Philip Ney, MD Amidst threats and disappointments, I have learned valuable lessons from 32 years of being visibly pro-life, and I dearly wish to pass them on. These are: In life there is nothing better than a terrible enemy to sharpen you and a magnificent friend to sustain and encourage you. Especially because God desires that you become His friends and He prefers to converse with those who are simply mature. God is more interested in the process than He is in the product. I can take into eternity only who I am and nothing of what I have achieved. Any success I achieved through...

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How to Know a Man of Truth

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Philip G. Ney, MD, FRCP (C) Introduction Recent issues of CMD’s Focus Magazine have highlighted the dilemma of seeking people throughout the centuries i.e., How do I know when something I read is true? How do I know a person of truth when they write or speak? This is an essential and critical question, fundamental to all types of understanding. I believe there are reliable and practical criteria to guide us. Whose GloryWhen accused of being a “fraud, deceiving the people”, Jesus responded, “I’m not teaching my own ideas but those of God who sent me” “Those who present their own...

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What is The Matter with Women Nowadays Anyhow?

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Philip G. Ney, MD, FRCP (C) “They’re just sissies,” snorted my mother. Elizabeth with aristocratic upbringing was pioneer, mother of 8 children, musician, preacher, an example of Christ’s gospel and died at 93. She considered modern women to be complaining sissies. John*, 42yrs., from Regina, physician, musician, philosopher, poet, teacher and sailor was divorced 3 times by women who aborted his only children and left him financially impoverished. Still he wants to have a family, but will never marry a North American woman. Bob*, 41yrs., from Edmonton, smart, gentle, skilled home...

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Her Agony, Her Dead Child

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Philip G. Ney, MD July 11, 2001 In my mind’s eyes I watched the pretty girl across the street. She was intelligent and well formed. Young men often came to her door. I watched as one young man entered, then left and I saw her sorrow. There were a number of them and each time it looked like a party, but it ended with her standing at the door, forlornly gazing down the street after the young man. Finally a young man was allowed to enter and he stayed. There was a child, a bright, dark curly haired boy who rejoiced in the sound of his mother’s and father’s voice. Then there was an ugly...

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