Parenting 101 – Skit 1

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Dr. Philip Ney Participants Captain of a 747 Control tower voice Passenger Stewardess All Captain: Vancouver control tower, this is AC231 ready for takeoff. Control Tower: AC231, this is Vancouver tower, you are number 1. Captain: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain, welcome aboard. We are number 1. Please fasten your seat belts and your stewardess will give you final instructions. Passenger: But the Captain has never flown a 747 before. In fact, he has never flown a plane at all. We’re scared. Stewardess: Now just fasten your seat belts and do what your captain tells...

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The Seven Primary Principles of Parenting

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The Seven Primary Principles of Parenting Wrong a.    Bring up each child in precisely the same way. b.   Inadvertently reinforce maladaptive behaviour. c.    You cannot, not attend to maladaptive behaviour, because of problems in yourself. d.   Children imitate maladaptive behaviour you reinforce. e.    The child reinforces your nagging by eventually complying. f.     The desperate struggle to conserve energy makes you give up. g.     Couples polarize on discipline etc. as a reenactment of unresolved problems from the childhood. Right a.    Provide needs...

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Excuse and Reason — the problem of discipline

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Philip G. Ney, MD, MA, FRCPC, FRANZCP, RPSYCH November 2001 As society becomes increasingly aware of the fact that most people are behaving in anti-social ways because of what was done to them, it seems to become more permissive. This permissiveness is not necessarily due to the lowering of standards but an acknowledgment of the fact that an individual cannot be held solely responsible for his criminal conduct. When an adolescent steals, does one blame him or his parents who bullied and deprived him, or the school, which humiliated and frustrated him, or society, which deprived him of...

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Abortion and Family Psychology: A Study in Progress

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This article was originally published in the Canadian Journal of Diagnosis, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp. 113-119, 1999. For reprint information please see the Pioneer Publishing Order Form in our resource section. Abortion and Family Psychology: A Study in Progrss Philip G. Ney, M.D., M.A., F.R.C.P.(C.), F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., R.Psych. Fifteen year old Susan was referred by her family physician because she had become increasingly moody and irritable, dropping out of various school activities, experimenting with drugs and found to be reading books about suicide and death. She had a rapid series of...

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Guilt and Mourning: Family Strategies to Deal with Anxiety

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Dr. Marie A. PEETERS, Professor Philip G. NEY Presented at: Third International Congress Movimento Per la Vita Italiano, “Psychological Effects of Abortion” Rome, February 8-9 1996 In the first part we would like to analyse some of the conflicts encountered in the family dynamics when there has been an abortion. We will consider the problems as seen from the child’s perspective.  This aspect is of particular importance because it will affect the future of our world. Indeed, if children grow up in families where there are deep unresolved issues, their...

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