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Philip G. Ney, 24/11/2014 THE CREATION OF PEOPLE Conception and Preconception God created a vast number of precise, unique, individual designs, one for every living organism. The most complicated design is for humans. A copy of this design is encoded in a huge “blueprint” folder, stored in God’s vast “computer”, or in His mind. Amazingly, God knows every detail for every person that has been or ever will be. The other copy is given to the person, and is encoded (genetically, psychologically, and spiritually) in the sum of that person’s total parts squared (the person). Each...

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Why Children Learn

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What motivates Children to Learn. Parents may say, “Nothing motivates my children to learn. They are lazy, indifferent, careless etc., not like when I was a kid.” Actually very little has changed in the education or children. In descending order of importance, the motivations for learning in children are mainly these inherent drives and environmental factors: 1. Curiosity 2. Imitation 3. Necessity 4. Conditioning 5. Intentional Discovery 6. Friendly Competition 7. Accidental Discovery 8. Threat. These are the ones that parents and teachers should encourage to help children learn...

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God’s Design For Us

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I THE PROBLEM a) Students wasting their time attempting to gain an education Getting a certificate in some area that is totally uninteresting. Working at something which is a constant struggle. b) Parishioners watching a decaying world go by while waiting for their “call”. Or wondering what is their “passion”. c) Old and dying unable to let go and pass on peacefully. d) Grieving people who can’t tolerate sorrow so they have an artificial “celebration of a life” e) Post abortion families who cannot mourn the loss of a preborn baby. f) Post neglect...

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Philip’s Practical Advice on Pot

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Philip G. Ney Mother: Dr. Philip, I am worried because my 14 year old has started smoking pot. She smokes with three school friends. They are all good high achieving, sporty kids. They are fairly open about it and don’t think it’s a big deal. Us three moms are not so sure. I talked to a drug addiction counselor who said it wasn’t a problem, at least not yet.  He thinks lots of kids experiment and never keep using but I don’t want to take the chance. She has so much potential. Lots of other people say everybody is doing it, even school teachers. I am worried. Should I be? Doctor?  Am...

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Sex Education

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Philip G. Ney I am a retired professor of psychiatry having taught in 5 universities in different parts of Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand.  I have also run child and adolescent psychiatric units.  I have been on school boards.  It is from a review of the literature and from my experience that I write this brief opinion.        1)  There is no particular need for “sex education”.  For many centuries there was no sex education yet children were conceived and their parents enjoyed the process.  Discovery of each other and what is pleasant in bed, on the wedding night...

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The First Right of Every Child is to be Welcomed into a Family

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The First Right of Every Child is to be Welcomed into a Family Philip G. Ney, MD, MA FRCP(C) © 1983 It is often persuasively put and loudly proclaimed, “Every child a wanted child.”  “The first right of every child is to be wanted.”  International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has persistently promulgated this notion.  Many governments have accepted it.  The UN believes it and many Christians, unthinkingly, understand this to be right and logical. If you do, you are also agreeing that, if the first right of a child is to be wanted, if he is not wanted he...

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