Pair Bonding in Human Mating

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  PAIR BONDING IN HUMAN MATING, the way to a lasting marriage. Philip G Ney MD FRCP(C)   Pioneer Publishing.  4/2/10 revised 11/7/16   INTRODUCTION   Like Ravens, Geese, Wolves, humans mate for life.  There are 12 mechanisms that bond them for good or ill.  Much as they might like to, a couple cannot ignore these instinctual and subconscious processes. Much more than people realize these 12 will dictate their future happiness or misery when married. This spring, as usual, the ravens are courting. They fly intricate patterns while tenderly calling each other.  Taking a...

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“Look at this, mummy. There is something wrong,” piped up 6 year old Mary who was helping her mother open Christmas cards. “What is it, my pert little person? They all look lovely to me.” “There is no picture of Joseph holding his baby. My dad holds our baby lots. So why, mummy? Isn’t Joseph strong like my dad? Maybe he isn’t so happy to have a new baby like we are.” “Let me look.”  (25 randomly selected sample of Christmas cards later). “You are quite right, my bright little button. Dads are supposed to hold their baby for sure.” “Yeah, and I’ve never seen a...

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Behavioral Guidance

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To survive all species must propagate. Having and raising young isn’t easy. Therefore: a) the Creator made having sex the most exciting behaviour. He made having sex with the opposite sex, in the vagina, the most mutually profitable and enjoyable experience possible. b) He made humans to be attracted most often and most strongly to the opposite sex. Thus the more different they are in appearance and behaviour the more attractive they are. c) He made them similar enough to understand each other and able to assume many of each other’s roles under extreme conditions. d) How similar and...

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The Importance of Sex in a Christian Marriage

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The Wedding Feast

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During my visit to Central Sumatra, I came across a quiet tribe, predominantly Christian, who had been neglected by missionaries since their first contact over one hundred and twenty years ago. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the one Bible they had in their language, they had grown in wisdom and spiritual maturity. In their isolation, the Christian expression of the major events in their lives has developed into somewhat strange but beautiful customs. I was most impressed by their marriage customs. At first I thought they were slightly heathen, but on a closer study of the scriptures,...

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