How to Destroy Humanity; The Tragedy of Human Ecology

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While people are understandably concerned about the ecology of flora and fauna, they seem totally ignorant of the devastating effects of “social engineering” to human ecology.  Humans have extraordinary built-in resources and resilience, but they are not invulnerable.  From the beginning of time the evil one set about to destroy the apex of God’s creation.  To protect His finest work, God encoded self and species preserving mechanisms as instincts within genes.  Until this time humans have survived  war, plague, famine, earthquake and storm.  But now humans are...

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Eugenics and Down Syndrome

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Introduction As society in general and medicine in particular lose the direction once provided by ancient morality in determining medical ethics, the void is being filled with a variety of arguments all of which, upon careful examination, are mostly sophistry in the interest of self.  We must always be careful to avoid rationalizing thoughts that are basically hedonistic.  Much of what passes for ethics are arguments of the haves against the have-nots.  Humans always must be able to face the crisis created by a helpless cry and come away having matured and reasoned for rather...

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