Behavioral Guidance

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Marriage

To survive all species must propagate. Having and raising young isn’t easy.

Therefore: a) the Creator made having sex the most exciting behaviour. He made having sex with the opposite sex, in the vagina, the most mutually profitable and enjoyable experience possible.

b) He made humans to be attracted most often and most strongly to the opposite sex. Thus the more different they are in appearance and behaviour the more attractive they are.

c) He made them similar enough to understand each other and able to assume many of each other’s roles under extreme conditions.

d) How similar and how different human sexes should be is a fine balance only the Creator could design

e) The similarities are apparent in physique, genes and hormones

f) To help maintain the difference, humans have always instituted sex different roles, rituals and dress.

g) The different behaviours of male and female require more male or female hormones to initiate and sustain these male and female roles. These role triggered need for the right hormones trigger the precursors DHEA and DHEA S. Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a weak
androgen but the most abundant steroid in both male and female. It will differentiate into either estradiol or testosterone. (1,2)

h) The differentiation of DHEA and DHEAS is enhanced by male type of female type behaviours.

I) Little girl behaviours of bottle feeding a doll or play house cleaning thru the pituitary- adrenal axis facilitate the DHEA forming into estrogen and estradiol.

j) Little boy behaviours of rough and tumble play and shouting facilitate DHEA forming into androgens and testosterone.

k) The more sex role behaviours occur the more DHEA will differentiate into the appropriate sex hormones. The more the drive from the sex hormones, the more the male or female behaviours occur. Thus a cycle ensues that helps the species survive.

l) If the survival of the species is threatened then there is more role differentiation and more appropriate sex hormones produced.

m) If role differentiation declines then either the species is sliding in to extinction or it feels so well established that it can recognize no threat.

n) When the government permits or approves homosexual behaviour and pseudo-mating, it probably does not recognize just how much threat it is making to humanity’s survival. In fact it is being quite stupid and cutting the branch on which it sits.

o) At this point in time when there is need for more children to sustain the economy and provide the taxes needed for ongoing health and welfare costs, the government is promoting the most damaging behaviour possible. It is encouraging ill-defined sex behaviours that result in relatively less testosterone and estrogens that enhance different sex behaviours and diminish the interest in mating and propagating.

p) The net effect of this destructive cycle is that humanity with increasing rapidity slides into oblivion


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