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Animal Studies Before Abortion

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At least 30 years ago it became apparent to me that like every other surgical procedure used on humans, abortion should be tested on animals. I proposed a rat study to determine the effect of abortion on maternal behaviour. Stemming from my research on the effect of abortion on the mother’s bonding to the next child delivered and nursed, I hypothesized that the rat mothers which were aborted would not bond to their young as well as those that had birthed the previous young. The design called for a sample of 500 rats, ½ randomly selected to be aborted at various stages of their pregnancy,...

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Economic Sewer Treatment

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Greenies and other pure environment proponents clamoring for sewers and treatment plants are being stone-walled by taxpayers who are feeling the pinch from many directions. The result is that cities are delaying, hoping against hope the economy will improve and they can increase the mill rate or that there will be enough immigration to spark an upsurge in the housing market. Intuitively the city fathers know it won’t happen and so they want to cancel the sewer projects but have committed themselves to go ahead with mega projects. To this is added the disturbing fact the flora and fauna of...

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Where Are You Adam?

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INTRODUCTION And God called, “Where are you Adam?”  Where are all the Adams in this world? Adam replied, “I was hiding” (1) The Adams of our modern world have fled or are hiding in the woods. God, “Why Adam, were you hiding from Me?”  God terrifies those who are dishonest and or feel ashamed. Adam, “Because I felt ashamed you would see me for who I have become” All the Adams have a little insight but it is usually too late and women manipulate men thru guilt and shame. God. “Don’t be foolish Adam. I see you naked inside and out; always have. The real problem is that...

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Why the Next War Will Be the Cruelest

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Why the Next War Will Be the Cruelest:             –          Less SSIRAA –          More unresolved guilt –          More PASS aggression –          More homosexual hate –          More PASS existential  guilt –          More alive because wanted. –          More fear and subservience –          Lack of  learning to love old, infirm, handicapped –          Looser family ties –          Poor pair bonding –         ...

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The Human Extinction Conspiracy (HEC)

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THE TERRIBLE STRUGGLE God wants myriad friends. Only those who choose to be His friends can qualify. There must be a choice. Therefore there must be a very attractive alternative to magnificent God. Satan volunteered. He was created mighty but in pride thought he could overthrow God. God let him try. When defeated satan was banished to Terra. He was given free rein to seduce and enslave people or to entice humans to kill each other. His relentless intent of revenge and power was to overthrow or weaken God by destroying the apex of His creation, humanity. If I understand Satan’s conversation...

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