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Hope Alive and Physics

Posted by on Oct 17, 2011 in Philosophy | 0 comments

Introduction Every new idea is put forward tentatively, tested as a hypothesis, tested some more and if meeting certain criteria it is promulgated more widely as a theory for all to consider, debate, refine and use to discover more truth. Hope Alive has been in printed form for 12 years, used, tested, published as a book, manual and scientific paper. Now it needs a wider audience. But first, does it meet basic criteria. Does Hope Alive have internal consistency? Yes. Does it have predictable outcomes? Yes. Does it agree with other accepted facts? The best established facts are in physics....

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Comments on the Draft Guidelines by the RCOG for the Practice of Abortion

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General Theses guidelines are introduced by statements regarding the incidence of women “needing” abortion which are those who require this treatment to “prevent grave permanent injury to their physical or mental health” Since it is acknowledged this is very seldom to prevent permanent physical injury to the women, the authors can only be referring to permanent injury to a women’s mental health. In effect these guidelines are asking Obstetrician/Gynecologist to form a prognosis of mental health for some time in the future without having any training to do so....

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Comments on Induced Abortion and Mental Health for the Royal College of Psychiatry

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Introduction. I am glad to be able to comment on this draft report partly because there is such murkiness to this very contentious topic but also because it has been a major interest of mine for over 4 decades. Although my main area of expertise is child abuse and neglect, I have written 31 published papers which directly or indirectly deal with this area, 5 books, and many expert opinions for courts and committees. I have taught in 5 medical schools in 3 countries and have been the chairman of psychiatric services and an academic department. I have discovered there are quite a few elephants...

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Comments on Final Consolidated RH Bill 4244 for Philippines

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17/09/11 Philip Ney, Pioneer Publishing I Introduction Repeating tragic history is the greater tragedy Historians, anthropologists and ordinary suffering people, cannot understand why humans repeat tragic experiences without learning from them. Is it ignorance, stupidity, pride or even God’s will. People seem incapable of stopping the repetition of disaster, even when they so plainly see it coming. This Bill 4244 appears to be a prime example. Having made useful progress in understanding repetitions suffering in families (1-3) and considerable research on child mistreatment (4-8)...

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He’s Gone Now

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‘Yup, old Joe’s gone. Look at his poor little house. Used to be bright and cheery. It’s run down and the roof is caving in. But the Cherry Tree remembers’. “I come by every spring just to remind myself of old Joe and the good and bad times we had. I wanted to keep his place looking half decent but it isn’t my business. His kids keep fighting over the property and so nothing gets fixed and now it’s beyond repair”. ” But the Cherry Tree remembers. Every spring it blossoms like this and every summer it’s covered with cherries that the...

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