Aphorisms for a Rainy December

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Philosophy

In an evil time, do you better respect the person who wins or the one who loses in the eyes of the people?

Women, you can choose as much as you like, but when your “right to choose” becomes my command (to do surgery or pay taxes) I will strenuously object.

Since death is the final frontier, everyone should be well equipped and trained to travel that space. Everyone must have filed a flight plan and negotiated landing rights with the owner of new and universal planet.

Since God’s morality of reciprocity is always in effect, no one can get away with anything. We will all feel the consequences of our deeds, good and bad.

God made animals to teach us:

God made animals to teach us:

a) Cats teach us patience.
b) Dogs teach us faithfulness.
c) Donkeys teach us endurance.
d) Horses teach us exhilaration.
e) Ravens teach us wisdom.
f) Goats teach us economy.
g) Rats teach us stealth.
h) Cows teach us giving without complaining.