Antidepressants to Control Libido

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Instructive Cases

Joan, a single mother of 2 adolescent children is referred to me for consultation because of a return of her depression. Much of that depression seemed to relate to her struggles as a single parent, “I hate being alone. Sometimes I resent my children and then I hate myself. I am struggling with my loneliness and desire for a man.” On further inquiry she admitted that she had strong sexual urges. Her depression was not responding to the antidepressants given to her, however she said, “When I take these antidepressants my libido is so much less. Quite frankly that is why I take it.”

This case appears to illustrate 2 hypotheses. 1) That antidepressants are taken for a wide variety of reasons in addition to controlling the depression. These include suppressing dreams, flattening affects of all kinds and diminishing libidinous feelings.
2) There are really no such things as single parent families. There are however, many instances of a single parent trying to be both father and mother. The futility of that is so painful. However, it is not politically correct for women to frankly state, “I need a man.”