A Theory of Secondary Creation and Primary Destruction

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In scientific studies of the Universe so far, investigations have been primarily directed at discovering fundamental particles and forces.  Science has done well in this quest. The evidence of matter and energy and their intricate relationships has made most serious scientists conclude there was a precise beginning that was so exquisitely and accurately designed there had to be a Designer (1).  There is much less agreement on who was the designer and why He created the universe.  No matter how well forces and particles were understood, these answers could never address the question of who was the Designer and more particularly, why did He design the universe in this fashion.  Scientists may throw their hands in the air and say the questions of who and why can only be addressed by philosophers and theologians and then not well.  Yet maybe the ultimate questions of all sciences are who and why.  The response to this assertion would likely be, “but science can only deal with the observable.”  With some justification, I still believe the questions of who and why lend themselves to the usual kind of scientific investigation. I have made a little progress in this regard but there is still much that should and can be done.

Having taught scientific methodology in post graduate medicine, I know that the more accurate the hypothesis the more likely any study will yield meaningful data.  In this regard I hope these hypotheses, as part of a coherent reasonable theory, will be helpful to other scientific seekers of truth.  Based on my clinical and common observations, not so bad human science and my understanding of the science of others,  I am proposing a theory that I hope will fruitfully guide others who wish to probe those persistent universal questions of who and why and possibly also those who investigate the what and how.

This is a theory of secondary creation or causality because it appears from our present point of view, humans cannot comprehend initial cause, that is, who caused the Creator; who created God?  It might be argued that God never needed to be created because He always was but that circular argument is unsatisfying to most thinkers.  While it is probably true, it is literally incomprehensible, mainly because humans have always been tied to time and a sequence of events.  To argue that time is an artifact because events happen simultaneously still does not satisfy the question “what was before that simultaneous event?”  Though initial cause it is beyond the scope of this treatise, it is still a valid scientific question.  What I will deal with exclusively is an attempt to explain what happened after God existed.
While it is almost impossible to know primary creation, it is possible to know primary destruction.  Who caused the first phases of a process that is leading to the destruction of the observable world of humans and why.  It is possible to gain an inkling of how the decaying and degenerating process started and how it is being hurried to a cataclysmic conclusion in the not too distant future.
Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based upon empiricism, experimentation and methodological naturalism, as well as to the body of knowledge humans have gained by such research (2).  Scientists maintain that scientific investigation must adhere to the scientific method, a process for carefully developing and evaluating natural explanations for observable phenomena based upon empirical study and independent verification.  Science typically therefore rejects supernatural explanations, arguments from authority and biased observational studies.  So a scientist

would say, it is impossible to scientifically study matters of the spirit.  On the other hand, since the study of dark matter, of which most of the universe is formed, is inferred from gravitational effects rather than being seen directly, surely the study of the form and power of the spirit can be studied in a similar way.

Theology and philosophy are in fact the senior sciences but either because they  became so arrogant or do not think they needed to or were too lazy or incompetent or did not believe it is possible to use scientific methodology, these early disciplines gave up trying to be scientific.  Yet the connection is not completely broken.  Even now scientists gain the necessary skill and credibility by earning a Doctor of Philosophy degree.  I believe the study of spiritual matters can and should be conducted with the empirical trials of scientific methodology. The study of dark mass and dark energy provide the model. Though it seems with current instruments, we cannot observe spiritual things directly, we can measure the effects of the spirit and from that infer its substance and activity.

Hypothesis #1:  God is.

I assume that God exists in the present, past and future and that He is master of infinite time, matter and energy.  The alternative is that God is not.  All humans are faced with this choice.  For humanity as a whole that choice has approximately a 50/50 probability of going either way.  I will chose that God is mainly because that choice is less intuitive and less comfortable.  It is based on the observation that truth, stated  within a situation of chaos, is antipathetic and  likely to lead to opposition.  Truth is also uncomfortable to all those who discover and discern it for it necessitates difficult personal action to:


a) further investigate that truth
b) to live by it
c) to declare the uncomfortable truth
d) to correct the errors that are generally held by fellow humans


This has been the usual experience of truth discerners to date. Galileo Galilie, Rudolf Clausius, Daniel Bernoulli, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton(3) and, to a lesser extent Albert Einstein(4), upset the establishment and experienced the painful consequences.  God*, as I have learned Him to be, is certainly not the God I would have constructed from my imagination. He is much too demanding.  So I assume that He created me rather than that I invented Him.

*Although I acknowledge God is sexless, throughout human history God has been referred to as He.  For that reason and the sake of brevity, He will be used as the pronoun for God.

Hypothesis #2:  God thinks.


God’s thoughts are pure and precise; both those simple and those infinitely complex.  They are so pure and precise they can and may create infinite energy, mass and time *. 

Gt = α emt

(Gt = God’s thoughts, α = infinity, m = mass, e = energy, t = time)

The most fundamental force in all creation is thought.  The Secondary Cause of everything is God’s thought.

God’s thoughts are pure, (mass – less, particle – free) energy.  They are also pure in motive.   He has the highest aspiration for all He creates.
God’s thoughts are precise, conceptually and mathematically.   In the resulting mathematical formulae, no decimal places are required.

Though God’s thoughts can be expressed very simply, His pure and precise thoughts in combination can result in concepts of infinite complexity.

The basic unit in the Universe is not the smallest particle or the most fundamental force but the simplest thought. Simple thoughts can be progressively constructed into extremely complex ideas that can create time, matter and energy.

*Although it may be argued that time is an artifact, it seems reasonable to assume that even during infinity there is a progression of events. Thus time is defined as the duration of an event or the interval between the end of one and the beginning of the next event.  The best evidence is that God created everything sequentially not instantaneously(5).  Thus God took His time. Though He enjoyed the process, He worked at it and expended enough energy, He took a break to rest and enjoy the results of his efforts.

God’s thoughts are discernable in their expression, eg:  God’s words, God’s
Word, creation, dreams, visions, angelic pronouncements and fresh insights.  God’s thoughts can be read through God’s Spirit connecting with man’s spirit.
In the infinite variety of God’s thoughts, there are emotions, perceptions, memories and desires, similar enough to human thoughts we can partially understand God’s way of thinking.

Hypothesis #3   God wills.

God wills because God is and God thinks and God desires.  Because God has the capacity for pure, precise and infinite thought, He is able to create an infinite amount and infinite variety of mass, time and energy.  His theoretical math becomes applied math.  Because God is, thinks and desires precisely and purely, He has the capacity to make happen what He desires.  He is capable of willing into existence anything His thoughts conceive

Since matter and energy are interchangeable, maybe the universe is only comprised of energy and time.  Mass is a necessary but temporary expression of energy.

The power of God’s thought is seen in the expression of God’s words and actions. Because of the purity and precision of God’s thoughts, His words are powerful.  God’s words are the best evidence of what God is thinking.  To express infinite thought God would need an infinite variety of words.  On the other hand, if God’s thoughts are precise, they can be expressed in a simple formula that would require few words or a simple expression that could also be expressed as a mathematical formula.

Matter, energy and time began in the mind of God. Therefore an efficient way of understanding the universe is to understand the mind of God.  To discern some of God’s thoughts, the results of His efforts in creation and His interventions in the history of human affairs can be observed, measured and analyzed.

I assume that God thinks and from those thoughts has desires and intentions which when God wills, are transformed into the expression and action of those intentions.  The alternative is that God allows events.  Even if that appears to be case, logically it is God’s will to allow whatever He chooses if that is what he chooses.

Simple human thought is the fundamental unit of human existence, communication, relationships and ability to discover.  It is possible the simplest thought is that of the much maligned human emotions.  A quick reactive thought produces an expression of that thought in response to pain “ouch”.  Thus the expression of the  simplest thought is the most simple word.  Humans can and do measure thought with words.  Since words are measurable, thought is partly understandable and thus it is possible to also address the questions who and why of humans.

Hypothesis #4:   God conceived humans. 

God desired to have friends.  He desired friends who would share with Him His
thoughts, His energy, His mass and His time.  God yearned to share His entire creation with humans, but only after they had learned to be responsible for themselves, for each other and for all other creatures.

Since God has immeasurably complex thoughts, He can create an immeasurably complex Universe and complex creatures to inhabit that Universe.  God created  beings that are loosely termed angels to be His servants and companions.  Because these beings were exposed to His might and majesty, they were perforce filled with wonder and praise.  In that sense they had no choice but to love and obey God.  It is logical that God would make increasingly intelligent and powerful creatures so that He would have increasingly interesting conversations and interactions.  However, to have a true friend, He had to create a creature that would choose to be His friend.

God wanted complex, interesting friends.  God conceived humans to be like Himself, essentially spirit.   God is Spirit and this means He is not confined to any particular energy, matter or time.  Humans have been given an undying spirit, “the breath of life”(6) that is not confined to time and space.  A human spirit is powered by an energy that does not come from the human body.  Their God given spirit sets them apart from all other creatures.
When humans were created, they were not created by just fusing human sperm and human egg.  God completes the three in one fusion by infusing a living spirit  at the moment of conception.. Thus a “human” body or a “human” soul is that of a human being only as long as it infused with a human spirit (7). That human spirit is essentially a part of a human and, like God’s spirit, it can transcend time and space.

God conceived humans, then created a perfect environment for them, then created a human reproducing pair.  This is the sequence of events from a human point of view.  However because God is able to will His thoughts into actions at any time, this sequence is relatively unimportant to Him.  Because He can will into any form any of His thoughts, He is able to exist outside the usual sequence of events as humans know them.  He exists outside of time.  Yet since He chose a particular sequence in creating energy and mass, He thus created time. (8)

Because God is, thinks and desires to be loved and known by friends, He wanted
complex and mature friends.  His humans could become mature in one of two ways:

  1. by intimately interacting with God over a long time and with no barrier between them in a most conducive environment
  2. or by struggling against entropy and evil to live, painfully come to know God, essentially change, learn to love and then die.  It was their choice.

God desired his humans to be friends by free choice.  The original humans were
given a choice to know and love God as He is or to become “like gods” knowing good and evil.  They made the wrong choice.  With that simple but weighty decision they entertained error and thereby plunged all of creation into chaos.

To have a free choice there had to be a 50/50 probability of human’s choosing
Him.  To even the odds, God had to veil his greatness and provide a very alluring
alternative.  The once mighty Lucifer chose that role for himself but God let him. Though defeated, God allowed him to retain considerable knowledge and influence.

God created humans “a little lower than God” (8).  He put them into a perfect environment with a basic choice. The choice was to know God OR to apparently know everything quickly, a knowledge that would give humans a modicum of meaningful power and the impression of being god-like.  They chose the illusion Satan* described to them (10).  Humans then became like Satan, essentially, self-centered.


* Satan tried the same illusion on God’s son when Jesus was in a physically weakened condition.  It did not work.


Choice must have meaningful consequences.  Good choices result in everyone’s benefit.  Bad choices result in harm and some of these would be severe, painful consequences.  God could not withhold the consequence of choice, otherwise the choice would be meaningless.  Because of His love and mercy, God may and often does minimize or delay the consequences of harmful, selfish choices.  The more important the choice, the less likely God will interrupt the logical flow of events.   Yet He may interrupt the flow of natural consequences.  This would appear to humans as “supernatural”. It is not supernatural because it flows from God and He is the source and essence of all nature.  God cannot be above Himself. It only appears He steps outside natural laws because of our limited understanding of Him and the laws that govern the universe.

Those original humans chose wrongly and the consequences have been experienced by every human and all creation ever since.  Since that original pair, no individual human has a free choice.  Yet all humanity collectively has a 50/50 probability of coming to know God.  This makes them responsible for each other.  An individual must share any greater privilege and benefit he has with all those who have less.  In this way human can learn how to love each other.

Since God desired a friendship based on individual choice, He had to create
choice.  Since the choice of the original humans was precisely 50/50, it was a free choice.  Free choice must have a 50/50 probability or any outcome.  Once that probability is exactly even, it is impossible to predict the outcome.  Did God create a stone he could not lift?  Almost. God may not have been able to predict the outcome of the choice in the Garden of Eden but He could and did make plans that would achieve His desires whichever way those early humans chose. God intended to have a friend that chose Him even if that choice did not appear to greatly benefit these humans, at least not immediately. Though God naturally responds to good choices with encouragement, His response is so imperceivably predictable, humans are not immediately rewarded for choosing God.  God does not govern human choice through the principles of operant conditioning.

Humans were created an order just lower than God,(9) and  higher than all the other beings He had created.  Though humans were higher and more favored than other God created beings, when they chose foolishly, they lost much of their power and wise thinking.  They fell far from the beings God intended them to be.  That fall was an immense tragedy that God has been correcting ever since.  Reconciling alienated humans is the most difficult task God is performing.  In the on-going process it cost God the life of His only son, Jesus.

God created humans:

  1. “after His likeness, “in His image”, tripartite, 3 in 1, body, soul and spirit.
  2.  a little lower than Himself
  3.  essentially equal.
  4. male and female
  5. to live in families and social groups
  6. in an infinite variety.
  7. each loved equally well, regardless of how they value each other’s quality of life.
  8. with the capacity to think about their thinking; thus to know themselves inside and out
  9. with the capacity of having mass – less thoughts through their spirit.

God desired to be known by humans.  So God created humans to be like God,
Thus God is like them.  Their thinking is similar to God’s thinking only much less pure and  precise.   Yet their thinking is sufficiently like that of God, that if they understood their thinking, they would have more than an inkling of how God thought.  They could have an educated guess as to why God created them partly from their own desires to procreate children and then guide, nurture and enjoy them.  With a reawakened, regenerated spirit, humans can know some of God’s thoughts especially when guided by His spirit(11).

Although humans differed in size, shape, intelligence etc, God created equalizing factors that kept pushing them to become more similar intellectually etc (regression to the mean). Other factors, genes, made them continuously more dissimilar.

Human thought has been observed and measured indirectly for thousands of years but we are a long way from fully understanding human thinking.  Most scientists of human thought agree that the human mind is much larger than the brain.  It appears to be the only earthly mind that is not the sum of its component parts.

Knowing how to measure thought, makes it possible to predict and possibly to calculate mathematically, the course of history.

Because of their wrong choice, humans lost their high status and glorious attributes.  They “fell” from their original design and purpose and have been struggling to regain what they lost ever since.  How their wrong choice brought down all creation is something that can be guessed at.  Maybe having corrupted humans, Satan gained access to something like the universe’s central computer.  In some manner he introduced an error term into some of the fundamental equations of which the universe is created.   This destabilized the universal system enough to produce entropy. Together with the cosmological constant our universe is running down and tearing apart.  Thus everything began to die.  Now it is only a matter of time before the observable universe is destroyed or until those mathematical errors are corrected and the universe is recreated. This recreation may be an unveiling of the universe of ‘dark matter” and “dark energy” that pervades everything.  That universe could only be seen by humans who have been radically changed. It is only accessible when the observable universe is destroyed.

It is possible that the dark universe was never affected by this “fall”.  The order and energy of the unseen universe is constant, imperishable (12).

Hypothesis #5   God created the Universe for Humans 

Since God is, thinks, wills, and desires friends, He conceived humans. He created the Universe to fit the humans he had conceived.  Once all was in order and livable, God created a reproducing pair of humans.  God created the Universe to accommodate humans.  Having the intention to have a mature, interesting friend, He conceived Man and then created a Universe that would house that man.  Thus the Universe was made for Man rather than Man for or by the Universe as evolutionists teach. How anybody can believe in evolution having understood Sato Carnot, Rudolph Clausius and the second law of thermodynamics boggles the mind.  By far the best evidence is that the Universe is going from higher to lower complexity, from higher to lower energy.  Things devolve rather than evolve.

In the perfect environment God initially created for them, humans would have the opportunity of conversing with God indefinitely and gradually knowing His thoughts.  It would take eternity, but humans could know all that God knows.  That would make it possible to be truly like God. Even if they chose the wrong alternative, they could still learn to know God and become mature but it would be through suffering and death. Man, would have to struggle and in that struggle become more mature and complex.  God’s original plan was to walk quietly with humans in a perfect environment and disclose Himself in quiet conversations. This simple act in infinite time, would create plenty of opportunity for humans to puzzle out the essence of what they observed.  Eventually by the end of Eternity, metaphorically speaking, they would come to know God and be like Him.

The basic dilemma of humans is to be like the gods of their imagination, for which a human can boast, OR to be like God which can only occur by accepting God’s way of doing things (13).

Every part of the Universe was created for Man’s enjoyment and use.  He was given the responsibility to lovingly be “master over earthly life.” (14)

The universe can best be understood in terms of what God intended for mankind.  The how is knowable if only the why is understood first.

The Universe is full of subtleties and complexities but once these are unraveled, they turn out to be remarkably simple. (2) Humans have the immense joy of discovering what God has created.   Humans do not create but the great sense of accomplishment they gain from inventing and discovery too often gives them the impression they are creative.

Humans were created absolutely unique and individual.  They were given the capacity to discern their individual blueprint (15) so that each person intuitively knows what are the necessary ingredients of the person they are designed to become.  Their first task (work or job) is to define, discern the materials God will use to build themselves according to the blueprint He drew.  The second task is to obtain those ingredients to develop into the person God intended them be become.  A necessary part of both these is to do the same for others simultaneously.  In this sense humans become co-creationists of themselves and later pro-creationists of their families.

The human blueprint includes the desire to know (curiosity) and the need to investigate (work at understanding).  Adam was instructed to name the animals (16).  I believe this meant to categorize them into their proper phylum, order, species etc. or something akin to that system.

God desired that humans would know Him.  Therefore He made Himself knowable.  One can know God directly in communion through His Spirit; man’s spirit and God’s spirit in words and thoughts that are currently incomprehensible or indirectly by discerning the effect of His efforts.  As a painter is known by their painting, so God’s power and nature are seen in the Universe He constructed.

Hypothesis  # 6    God desires to be known by humans

As humans have gotten to know God, they have naturally desired to worship Him
They respond to the immensity of God with adoration and praise.  This becomes a natural desire to tell others what they have discovered of God.  The converse, that God hides and keeps secrets, is unlikely given the simple knowable nature of matter and energy which can be expressed in surprisingly simple mathematical equations, eg e=mc2

God created humans with the motivation to know everything.  He hoped humans would use this built in curiosity to search for and find Him.  Since all truth flows from the same source, any persistent honest pursuit of truth will lead to God.  Thus humans are all without excuse (17).  Seeing even one star should make them begin a quest to find out what it is, who put it there and why.  Yet God knew and took the risk that humans might choose to use their curiosity to know the antithesis of God.  Not only are humans innately curious but their investigating is often rewarded and thus reinforced by the thrill of discovery.

Since God desires to be known, honest searching always reveals some more truth.  That search is spurred on by the joy of discovery.  That search may be (should not be but often is) inhibited by the pain of self discovery which necessitates humility, repentance and reconciliation.  That search may be slowed by realizing truth cannot be abstract but must be put into effect, even through opposition.   People may say they wish to know everything but few can tolerate the discomfort of truth when fully knowing themselves or able to enact the taxing implications of any truth they discover.  There is no abstract truth for to know something, one must act on it.

God both hides and reveals Himself. He does this so that humans become better and more persistent seekers.  He does not tolerate fools gladly nor want them to accidentally stumble upon Him.  For then they would credit themselves with a wisdom or understanding they do not have.

Creation has a language of math which can be heard throughout the Universe and (18) Job states the stars sang together.(19)  Do they still sing?  I wonder if there are fluctuations in the rate of photon bombardment which could be deciphered as communication of a star’s thought.

God reveals Himself both plainly and subtly.  God does not make it too easy for Man to discover Him because then they would become arrogant.  He reveals Himself in His creation and with thoughts including dreams (20) intruded into the minds of humans who are receptive and humble.

In God’s original creation, complex truth was surprisingly easy to comprehend.  It could be boiled down to precise fundamental math equations. In God’s creation, everything was precise and therefore pure.  It was the purity of precise math that created infinite mass and energy.  The precision meant the mathematical formulae could be very succinct.
God created Man with a mind sufficiently large enough to know Him which is to know everything. Mind you, it will take a very long time.  The human mind is seldom if ever used to its full capacity.  With a new body that will use all of the genes humans are given, the human mind will have a much larger capacity.

All this, if being true, results in these sub-hypotheses:

  1. God gave to humans the innate desire to know and He encourages our attempts to discover.
  2. God creates some humans with an unusual genius and stronger curiosity.
  3. God prompts discovery with intruded ideas, often self discovery sometimes in dreams.  (21)
  4. God’s greatest desire is for us to discover and know Him.  He desires mature interesting friends with whom to share His ongoing “work” at creating an increasingly fascinating universe.
  5. We can best understand the what and how of God’s universe by knowing who God is and why He created humans.
  6. We can know the why of creation best by knowing the mind of God that is possible partly by analyzing His work.  Even more effectively humans can read God’s mind directly through the knowing mind of Christ (22), who created the observable universe, by having God’s spirit in you through God’s Holy Spirit. There is no abstract knowledge.  Humans know by experiencing and acting upon what they know:  If one does not respond to truth, it is not known (23) (15).

It is an immense privilege to discover God.  We can know the thoughts of God by:

  1. We think like God because we are made like Him.
  2. Revelations of His messengers and His spirit
  3. The effects of God in: His creation, the intervention of God in human affairs, His suspending of the usual consequences of human bad choices (mercy)
  4. Understanding His words by trusting and obeying what He says
  1. Knowing the mind of Christ through having his spirit live in us

The Universe is remarkably discernable and understandable.  Humans were given the task of knowing.  I wonder why it has taken us so long.  God made knowing creation relatively easy.  He is constantly revealing Himself in what He created, by what He does in human history and in the minds of people who are prepared to seek and understand truth no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be.

Humans are challenged to their full capacity to understand their universe and thus benefit from and be wise stewards of it.    Conversely, by their stupidity  the universe could be partially  destroyed by them.  With Satan’s help, humans can destroy themselves.

Humans have been given the capacity to channel and use every part of the visible world.  .  There is no limit to the resources of the universe.  There is no need to compete for room and resource. There is no reason to limit human population because of limited resources.  The Universe is discernable and understandable and therefore measurable.  Those measures can be analyzed and the complex sense of it all can be summarized in relatively simple mathematical formulae.  Humans were given the desire and the capacity and the directive to know it all.

Hypothesis # 7  God created an enemy: 

Since God is, thinks, desires to have friends and wills their being, He created
humans to choose to be His friends. God desired a friendship based on individual choice therefore God  created choice.

For every choice there has to be at least two alternatives.  To be a meaningful alternative to God, that creature had to be powerful and smart.  Once titled Lucifer, the Angel of Light, he is now known as Satan or Bielzebub the Prince of Demons.  (24)

The object of God’s enemy is to dethrone Him.  Evil seeks to overthrow God and to know all that God knows which is to have God’s power.  Lucifer, that once mighty Angel of Light was created to be a complex companion for God but thought himself so powerful he could with a little help of an army, become God of the Universe.  It was self deception.  It was the first untruth, the original sin.  It resulted in a mighty war of rebellion.

God’s war with Satan was a war of thoughts, words, math and equations.

God won by outsmarting (outthinking) Satan.  In defeat, Satan* lost his light and became the Prince of Darkness, a cloak of deceit for himself and for his followers.  Satan distorts the truth.  He does not create an untruth.  The distortion of truth is a lie but it is essentially nothing new.

* In this brief treatise the epitome of that evil will be termed Satan.

Satan cannot create but he has been given the capacity to understand and  distort truth.  Since truth is pure thought, Satan’s technique is to subtly distort truth so that it looks the same but it is selfish, self aggrandizing and essentially self destructive.

In some sense, Satan slightly distorted the equations that created and maintained the Universe.  Thus he introduced entropy.  Entropy and the unrestrained elastic band effect of the Cosmological Constant is killing the Universe and everything in it.  Entropy is death. It is the enemy of Man and God.  Yet humans can have a restraining impact on Entropy.

Satan’s distortion is effectively deceiving because it is subtly different from the truth.  Satan’s genius was to distort the fundamental equations of truth so slightly that they appear to be true but are wrong enough to create an impurity that throws all of creation off balance.  This introduces a friction and chaos that results in entropy and thus the eventual destruction of everything known and seen.  Since all creation was to be governed by the Law of Love, Satan created chaos by making it seem that it was loving to be selfish.  The modern expressions of this are:  look after yourself, be good to yourself etc.

Satan’s plan was and is to be God.  The original sin that began this initial decay was that of Satan who thought to dethrone God and take his place.  Though he soon realized he did not have sufficient intellectual power, he did entice many angels and then humans to follow him.

Satan had great ability and success with his subtle distortion of the truth in creating illusions.  He created an illusion about himself that is so successful, he believes it.  He believes he can win against God and therefore he constantly struggles to do so in spite of two critical defeats and impending sentence.

Satan cannot create minions.  He has to recruit them.  He recruited in Heaven and continues to recruit on earth.  Like human despots, he has no concern for what happens to the soldiers in his army; he only wants power for himself.  To win he needs an immense army of expendable troops.  He recruits by:

  1. confusing humans with subtle deceit, false information, false religion etc and then
  2. dehumanizing them by getting them to perform subhuman acts, eg killing their own young and thus, dehumanizing themselves by dehumanizing others with neglect and abuse etc.
  3. enslaving them by getting them to pay him homage and obey him with God defying acts etc.
  4. alienating humans from God and from truth by getting them to entice others into rebellious acts and promoting ignorance.

Satan wants to use others for his benefit and be worshipped for himself.  Thus the universal impurity and imprecision that he introduced, entropy, begins with the selfishness. (ψ)

Hypothesis # 8  
There was and is conflict between love and narcissism, truth and illusion, purity and impurity, precision and imprecision.

In his attempt to narcissistically assert himself, Satan with his minions attempted to dethrone God.  They lost in Heaven and were exiled to earth.

Satan has had a temporary victory and success on earth by his ability to distort God’s pure truth and seduce the original humans into disobeying God and making  wrong choices.  With his success, it is as though he gained the opportunity to tamper with the fundamental equations that govern the universe.  Thereby entropy and death were introduced.  Humans and their universe now experience chaos and diminishing energy.  Entropy is inadvertently aided by the mysterious cosmological constant whose elastic band effect is tearing everything apart.  The equations of the universe are no longer pure and precise.  Although they are close enough approximations to be used by scientists, they are significantly off (2).
Entropy is resulting in the death of everything seen yet God will use everyone and everything for his ultimate purposes.  He will stop and reserve entropy.

The war between God and Satan was a war of logic and math fought with words.

The war was between truth and distortion, purity of love and narcissism, precision and miscalculation.  This was a cosmic war of concepts. Logic and math fought with words as with swords.  Satan lost the direct confrontation in heaven so he came to God’s newly created world for humans to try another tactic.  There he appears to have won through deceit and seduction.

With Satan’s triumph, the universe experienced entropy and began to fade.  God stepped in to delay entropy.  Because of His intense love for mankind and to preserve His creation from a more rapid decline God:

  1. keeps pouring in new energy to maintain cosmic balances, particularly this earth’s rotations and revolutions
  2. allows self-correcting consequences to human choices.
  3. keeps loving every human and encouraging them to love each other
  4. God provides all creatures with self preserving instincts.  Animals and humans, without knowing what they are doing, respond to innate drives and desires that promote the preservation of their species even when their self centered thinking becomes self destructive (5). Eventually God will correct everything with a re-creation.

All fallen humans retain the capacity to intuitively detect truth. But by many mechanisms they make truth recognition more difficult and more unlikely for themselves.  By daily, hourly pouring misinformation into their minds, through radio and television, they gradually, then more rapidly, become confused about what they believe and what is true in what they discern.  After all, TV constantly distorts the truth even in the most basic documentary.  TV: collapses time, withholds certain sensations eg. smell, distorts the usual flow of events by imposing “episodes”,  ignores much and tailors what it airs for the benefit of viewer ratings, editors and sponsors.

The cosmic war continues and is probably intensifying.  In this age of science and information it has become increasingly easy to distort truth, pollute love, introduce error as good science and dehumanize people.  If God did not call a cataclysmic halt, humans will destroy themselves (25).  People will more rapidly accept Satan’s illusions (26) because they have become sated with false information and arguments.

Hypothesis # 9   God created laws and mechanisms to guide human choice.

One of God’s earliest creations is the Law of Love. (27)  It was less an act of His will than it was a spontaneous expression of who He is.   The Royal Law of Love preceded the creation of man or the observable Universe. It is the Law of Universe which guided God’s conception of mankind, the creation of matter, time and energy and is securely in place to guide the thoughts and actions of every person.  The Royal Law of Love cannot be ignored or subverted.

The force of love produces negative entropy.  Love (β) corrects narcissism Ψ.   Loving people die to give life that is to negate positive entropy by giving negative entropy.   The death of Jesus, God’s Messiah, made it possible for every human to have their self love and self aggrandizing become a love for God and all for God’s creatures.
A person cannot do evil while loving.  Love fulfills all the requirements of all
God’s commands (28).  Loving is living.  Selfish love is narcissism Ψ.  It always results in death.

Love is made possible and then it is ordered by God (29).  That is partly how we
know love is not a feeling. Emotions cannot be commanded.  The Law of Love states
humans must love each other.  It is the only way to live.  Although selfish people
always appear to succeed,  they always have a painful ending.  Love is defined as
meeting someone’s needs.  You can know the needs of another partly by knowing how
you meet your own needs.  But you meet your own needs so you can meet the needs of
your neighbour; never at the expense of your neighbour.

Human needs are scientifically measurable.  Yet the amount any person needs
can only be determined by a careful understanding of that person’s blueprint of the
person God intended them to be.  Thus human love, β, is a multiple of the number of
people loved (n), the accuracy of the ingredients for each individual, the amount each
need is met (a), the timing in terms of each persons development (t) and the reinforcing
addition God grants to each loving act (r), divided by the destructive results of their
narcissism (d).

Thus β = (a,t,r)n / ÷ dn

β = human love, a = % accuracy of the need meeting, d = developemental appropriateness, r = the power of God who adds love to human love

Because needs are definable and measurable, it is possible to accurately
determine how well a person is loved and how loving they are.  Any person is loved to
the extent their needs are met.  The more fully, accurately and better timed the meeting
of their needs, the more they become the person God designed them to be (PISHB).  In
this life no one’s needs are fully met, thus everyone must grieve the loss of the person
God meant them to become.

The Law of Love is in agreement with the established laws of science.  They are thus interchangeable.  Therefore: the perfect love of God LG = Tp = α emt.  LG = α emt

Some components of the Law of Love are:

  1. Cheaters never prosper.  Cheaters can never prosper because God’s law of love always applies everywhere.  Humans cannot cheat each other any better than they can cheat the law of gravity.
  2. Humans can never benefit at the expense of their neighbours.  If it is not good for a neighbour of any size or color, it is not good for them.  I can think of no exceptions
  3. Humans will remember and re-enact their tragedies because they must learn (30)
  4. Humans are allowed to see and feel the consequences of their right or wrong choice.   Those consequences correct choices.

The highest form of love is to die for the benefit of one’s neighbour.  Infinite LG
infinitely cancels Ψ.   Human love, β, can constrain and confine Ψ

Sin is selfishness or narcissism: It is the chosen desire to be like gods rather than
be like God  Selfishness is antipathetic to love and resulted in the “fall” which resulted in entropy.  The selfish pride of humans created an opportunity or opening for Satan’s appeal to Adam and Eve to “know everything”.  This fall affected all the observable universe.  It was a fall from it’s original perfection.

When Adam and Eve “ate the apple” of the knowledge of good and evil, they became self-conscious which showed the beginning of human narcissism which continues to destroy individuals and civilizations.

Satan twisted love to make it “selfishness” or narcissism that is destructive to the individual and to the species.  Sex is a good example.  God created sexual behaviour to be the method of male and female reunion, the expression of intimacy and the action of meeting another’s needs for pleasure and progeny.  Satan has succeeded in making sexual love increasingly narcissistic and therefore destructive.  The current idea that any activity that results in an orgasm is legitimate, is a major contributor to the depopulation that is destroying humanity.

The appeal to narcissism is highly touted in the media “look after yourself”, “be good to yourself”.  It affects those of God’s children who do not understand what love is, because they are not obeying God’s command to love.

Hypothesis # 10     The greater reality is unseen. 

In the reality that is unseen (“dark matter”) the equations are still precise and thoughts pure.  Thus heaven is probably composed of “dark matter” where there probably is no entropy.   Heaven does not radiate energy because all dark, unseen matter and energy, of which it is part, is conserved.

The unseen Universe of “dark matter” makes up over 90% of energy and matter.  Because it does not transmit or reflect energy, it is unobservable and by the usual techniques of science is unknowable.   Though it has different energy and matter, it probably has the same moral Law of Love.  Because God is love, the universe of dark matter may be the world of the spirit that can exist comfortably between the particles of the observable universe.  There must be very complex math and considerable energy that makes it possible to step, as Christ did, from one universe to the other.

We can guess at the unseen reality by our knowledge of the seen reality.  Dark matter refers to hypothetical matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter   Evidence suggests that clusters of galaxies in the universe as a whole can gain far more matter than that which interacts with electromagnetic radiation The remainder is called Dark Matter.  Only about 4% of the total energy density in the universe can be seen directly.  About 22% is thought to be composed of dark matter.  The remaining 74% is thought to consist of dark energy.”  “Determining the nature of this missing mass is one of the most important problems in modern cosmology and particle physics.”   “The observational evidence for dark matter has been collecting over the decades to the point that today most astrophysicists accept its existence as a matter of course.” “Dark matter is crucial to the Big Bang model of cosmology”.  “Data from a number of lines of evidence including galactic rotation curves, gravitational lensing structure formation and the fractional baryons in clusters and the cluster abundance combined with independent evidence of the baryon density indicate that 85 to 90% of the mass of the universe does not interact with the electromagnetic force”. (31)

Hypothesis # 11
The Rate of Decay in the Universe is Determined by the amount of Human Love

There are self correcting effects to narcissism introduced into the universe to limit the impact of evil and entropy.  The greatest of these is human love.

Humans are given the capacity to love (β).  A portion of their love is innate.  That love was encoded in human genes to preserve themselves and their species.  Love also comes with renewal of man’s dormant spirit when God’s spirit of love invades and perfuses the humans, when they are saved from the consequences of their rebellion and narcissism by Jesus, God’s Messiah.  Love becomes a universe sustaining force when any man obeys God’s command to love.

Since mankind, the original humans and all humans since their initial wrong choice are basically narcissistic and rebellious, entropy cannot be stopped and reversed except by a powerful act of God.  The rate of decay can be slowed by love.

The rate of decay to individual humans is the rate at which they allow themselves to be dehumanized and the rate at which they dehumanize themselves.  The body will, and must, decay because of the entropy affecting the whole universe.  However their spirit can be revitalized and their mind made more like that of God throughout their whole life if they choose to become a friend of God.

The rate of universal decay is a multiple of the universal entropy (E), the cosmological constant (CC), Satan’s rebellious activity (Rs) and human narcissism (Ψ) divided by human love (β) multiplied by God’s infinite love (LG) to the power of (n) which is the number of humans.  Rd = E x CC x Rs x Ψn ÷ (β x LG)n

Rd is rate of decay in the universe due to entropy
E is entropy
CC is cosmological constant
Ψ is narcissism and rebellion
β is human love
LG is love of God
n is the number of humans

Thus the rate of decay cannot be stopped but it can be dramatically slowed if only humans would obey God’s command to love.  To do so they must first acknowledge they are basically narcissistic and humbly accept the need for God’s love in them, which will make them essentially loving.

The cosmological constant that was designed to expand the universe indefinitely so an almost infinite number of God’s creatures could be comfortably accommodated, greatly increases the impact of entropy.  When Entropy, Satan’s rebellious activity and human narcissism are nullified and cancelled by God’s love, the Cosmological Constant will be restrained and slowed.

Eventually God will not confine the expression of His love to this formula but apply a presently hidden one that will make all things new in what appears to humans as an instant of time.  Thus all human measures of time will stop and God’s time will start.

God’s love poured into the universe will correct the distorted equations, thereby defeating entropy and death.  Infinite love restores infinity.  Infinite love results in a recreation of the dying universe.

The rate of decay from entropy is determined by human choice:  to be narcissistic like the gods or to love as God commands.  It is not that God is angrily punishing people.  It is that He will gradually withdraw the energy He mercifully puts into the universe to slow entropy.  Once He stops propelling the earth in its orbit, it will head for a fiery end.  Those conditions are ripe.  There was never a time like the present when humans have been so narcissistic, so hedonistic, so self destructive.  In spite of powerful evidence that it is bad for the economy, bad for all  social interactions and bad for their health, humans are wantonly dehumanizing themselves by cruelly killing their preborn children.  God has and never will overlook this.  Maybe our present global warming is a warning.

Ultimately God gets His way.  He will have friends and He will be loved by each individual choice.  Yet this is not selfish because His intention is to share Himself and all He has created for the joy and benefit of all His creation.

Hypothesis  # 12   Recreation  Is Necessary

Humans could never tolerate the precision and purity of Heaven.  Eventually they get what they choose, life with God or absolute alienation from God which is death, a living hell of darkness or despair.

In terms of physics and math, whatever happened in the initial instance when the original pair of humans made such a grievous mistake, I do not believe anybody understands.  What seems clear is that it set in train a whole series of events that shrouded and entrapped the universe with entropy.  At that time everything began to run downhill.  This process appears to be unstoppable.

It is estimated that the total duration that human life can exist on the planet Earth is approximately forty three thousand years.  The conditions for human existence are so narrow that any disruption can, and apparently will, endanger the species.  In view of these well established astrophysical observations and conclusions it is hard to understand how anybody could believe in reincarnation or evolution.  Humans are increasingly aware of the fact that these are factors over which they have no control and that humanity as a species is doomed.

It is possible that at the “fall” when the precise and pure equations that created and sustains the universe were tampered with,  God could have chosen to sustain the universe by constantly putting in more energy. He chose not to.  It appears that He wanted friends by their choice.  He would not reverse the consequences of their choices  no matter how severe or far reaching.  This is probably symbolically represented by the “angels with flaming swords” (32) that kept humans from gaining access to the tree of life and thereby living forever.
It seems logical that the amount of energy that God puts into maintaining our solar system is directly proportional to the love that humans express.  Therefore the rate of decay as the result of entropy is proportional to human love for God and for each other.  It would appear that under the current conditions God is sufficiently fed up with humans that he is decreasing the energy that He puts into the solar system.  As a result, entropy is more rapidly taking over.

It appears that the earth rotates and revolves through a fairly thick soup of friction creating forces eg:  solar wind, gravity etc.  Since the earth is not rotating or revolving through a vacuum, the speed of revolutions and rotations must diminish.  As a result, days will become longer and the earth’s orbit around the sun will decay.  As the orbit decays, the earth’s environment will become appreciably warmer.  Humans, in their arrogance, will attribute global warming by atmospheric pollution to their own doing and assume that they can undo the effect by cleaning up their consuming acts.  Slowing entropy is very unlikely except through worldwide repentance and turning to God and loving Him and all his creation.

The mysterious cosmological constant which appears to be tearing the universe apart at an increasingly rapid rate may never have been the enemy of Man.  It may have been part of the creation which expanded the universe so rapidly that there was no chance at all that humans could over populate either their own globe or surrounding spheres.

All of this, if it is true, makes it apparent that if the human species is to survive, God must take charge.  This will be forceful recreation spoken of in the Bible frequently in terms of the fireball, the creation being rolled up as a carpet (33) etc.  In that recreation humans will need an essentially changed body, soul and spirit.  Since Man’s spirit may be recreated with the incoming of God’s spirit at the moment of salvation, it means that his body and soul still need to be regenerated.  Since man was made of the dust of the earth (elemental matter) and was given an amazing body  it now behooves God to create a new body.  This body will not be confined to time and space.  It will receive energy directly from God who is the central source of all energy.  In their new body, I believe all human genes, all the excessive genetic material that humans apparently have will be used.    If this is so, it seems logical that all the extra genetic material of all God’s creatures will be used in the recreation.  They will become much more intelligent and interesting.  Maybe, as envisioned by C S Lewis in the Narnia Chronicles, all these animals will talk.  Imagine the lowly chicken, one of the most used and abused of all “domestic creatures” but with many silent genes, say “Good morning sir.  It looks like we will have a fine day.”

In this way mere humans will have a body with a mental capacity that is capable of comprehending God.  Humans will become what God always intended for them.  They will be a little lower than God.  In addition from their critical experience on earth, they will have matured.  In this way they will be higher than angels and expected to govern and judge them (34).  Thereby God will have increasingly interesting companions as He shares with them who He is.   As always, God will get His way.

The central organizing part of the human is their mind or soul or personality.  This integrating central component of every human should presently be undergoing a process of development throughout earthly life.  Humans can never take what they acquire with them to Heaven but they will be taking with them who they are.  Since God is very interested in spending eternity with mature people, there will be, I suspect, an increasing number of crises which will make humans, particularly those who are His children, more perceptive and wise.   God will make people mature in crises because crisis seems to be the only way most people can ever have the motivation or necessity to change.

Christians have a choice of crises.  They can either engage God’s enemy and in that warfare, encounter an increasingly difficult series of crises which will constantly propel them into greater maturity no matter how old they are.  Christians are aware of the fact that as they age, life does not become easier.  Decisions are still very difficult.  Problems of life and death always seem to be more insoluble.  The other choice is to accept the crises God sends into their own lives and family.  The latter seems to be a greater evil.  It is my observation that Christians who are going all out in serving their Lord have fewer family or personal crises than those who live indolent, materialistic, narcissistic lives.

One great cataclysmic recreation will restore to purity and precision all the principles God put into his astrophysical and moral laws that were in his initial creation.  Then there will be harmony at every level, personal, interpersonal and inter-particle. There will be no entropy or narcissism.


Testing These Hypotheses:

In science everything begins with observation; often initiated by casual observation. Certainly children are careful observers and are full of wonderful hypothesis that they test by asking their parents “why?’.  Or they playfully observe the effects of their behaviour.  Often the questions of children are so complicated the parent responds with “because” or “look it up in the encyclopedia” or “go back to your play’.  It is such a shame that these responses of their parents ultimately kill the child’s curiosity and make him/her conform more to the thinking of his/her elders.  When a child gives up on having his questions answered, he is much more prone to accept what he is told and become a good, obedient consumer, just like government want him/her to be.

Certain individuals seem to escape the impression of their society.  Their curiosity continues.  With intellect and insight, often guided by God, they come up with astonishing discoveries (2).  Humans are finally learning that children are unique and that their education must be provided in the unique way the child’s blueprint requires.  When adults do this, to their great surprise, they find children learn three or four times more rapidly.

Because children are natural observers and hypothesis testers, I have wished I had the opportunity to start a school that began where young children are – I would assist them to refine their innate scientific methodology.

Scientific methodology is composed of the following, all of which can be encouraged in young people.

  1. Observing:  Adults need to relearn to observe as children do.  Children observe with their whole being, not just with their senses.  Their emotional responses to the sensory receptions are a good indication of the importance of their observation. “Daddy look at this. Come quick.”  The trick of observing has always been how do you exclude the impact of the observer and his machinery.  The early existentialist understood the principle Heisenburg formulated in 1927; the Principal of Uncertainty.  It is distressing to learn that the most accurate any observation is made by the person who is totally disinterested in the outcome of his observation.  Children are that way.
  2. Describing:  A good parent leans over the shoulder of the spell bound child and says “Please little one, tell me what you see”.  Most small children will point, saying “look”.  This invitation to participate in the observing should always be taken by a parent or teacher as one of the most wonderful opportunities for shared learning children can ever make.  Sadly too many parents respond with “look at what?”  The child is then frustrated by their limited linguistic capacity and eventually gives up both trying to describe what they are seeing and observing.  However, some children will make motions imitating that of the flower or caterpillar.  Their motion more accurately describes what they are observing than can describe with the words they possess.  More wonderfully still the child will predict the trajectory of the little creature, put their finger where it appears to be headed and wait expectantly for the caterpillar to climb on to it.  The child has just completed a little experiment that is worthy of any physicist;  to observe, hypothesize, predict and place himself in a better position to observe more, in this case the sensation of a caterpillar crawling on his finger.  Describing eventually becomes a problem for statisticians, linguists and mathematicians.  It has amazed so many scientists that the most fundamental associations that have the greatest impact on humans are exquisitely simple.
  3. Inter-observer agreement:  Humans have come to rely on accepting as real anything that two or more people can agree are happening,  whether it is two children at play or in the courts of law or the halls of science.  Truth is accepted when two people more or less agree on what was observed and when it occurred.  Isn’t it an amazing experience as you watch children interacting around one of their simple but fascinating observations.  Water poured from a cup falls downwards and wets Mommy’s carpet.  Oh boy, we both better run because we predict there will be an outcry of dismay from Mother or Father.
  4. Meaningful Measurement:  Humans have come to rely upon statistics to accept or discount observations.  Unfortunately they forget that if an effect is reasonably large, it declares itself sufficiently well.  Statistics are not required.  If a new medication is introduced and people with heart disease taking this medication live ten years longer, the experiment is discontinued because it is considered unethical to deprive those on placebo of the obvious benefits.  Statistics are very useful for determining the significance of small differences but are not necessary for all science.  “The major application of statistics in any field all rest on the possibility of repeated observations or experiments made under essentially the same conditions.  The central problem of theoretical statistics in one sense, mathematical statistics is the theory about uncertainty, the tendency of outcomes to vary when repeated observations are made under identical conditions (35).

    Scientific theories for the most part are systems of deductions from basic principles held to be true.  However, inductive generalizations (going from what is true of some observations to a statement that is true of all possible observation under the same conditions) is also used.  Provided that the experimenter can make some assumptions about what is true, then the deductive theory of statistics tells him how likely he is to observe particular results.  Provided that the postulates about the abstract objects are true when interpreted as statements about real objects, then any deduction we make about abstract objects in the system is also true for real objects.  On the other hand, it is quite possible to find situations where the mathematical system does not necessarily yield true statements about objects because the objects in question do not satisfy one or more properties of the system.  In deductive reasoning the formal assertions are postulated as true and then with logical argument, true conclusions are reached.

    The association of events in medical sciences depends a great deal on discounting the noise of experimenter intervention with a placebo.  Placebo trials are almost certainly impossible and more likely useless (36)  Why physician systematically discount the amazing impact of placebo is hard to comprehend.  It is much to the detriment of the patients.  The placebo effect eventually is based on the expected good intentions of the physician.  Once those good intentions become increasingly questionable as they are at this point in time, then the impact of the placebo and necessarily the usefulness of the intervention whether it is surgical, radiological or chemical is reduced.

  1. Predicting outcomes or antecedents:  With repeated significant measurements of otherwise unrelated phenomena, it becomes possible to predict what will happen next or what occurred immediately before the observation.  This is possible with spiritual matters.
  2. Replicating the phenomena:  Once it is possible to predict outcomes, it is possible then to replicate the antecedent condition so that the phenomena will occur.  Those who believe in the power of God have learned that it is possible to predict the outcomes of spiritual intersession.  Scientists can assume greater acceptance by their colleagues in the truth of the experimenter’s assertions when and if the experimenter can replicate the phenomena they have predicted.
  3. Predictably producing new results; It is possible when all the previous components of the scientific method have yielded good results, to produce a new phenomena in a predictable fashion.   This is what some people did when they invented the atomic bomb.

Scientific Methods to Test These Twelve Hypotheses.

Theology and philosophy are the senior sciences but they either became so arrogant or do not think they need to or were too lazy or incompetent or do not believe it is possible, to use scientific methodology.  I believe the scientific study of spiritual matters can and should be conducted.  The study of the unseen (dark matter) provides the model.  We cannot observe spiritual things directly.  We can measure the effect of the spirit and from that infer the form and substance of the spirit.

Experiments on the effects of the spirit can be conducted in at least these ways:

  1. Sensory deprivation studies.  Randomly select volunteers who, alone or in pairs, spend as much time as they are able to tolerate, in deep caves.  Measure when they choose to leave and what has been the effects of sensory deprivation on their level of anxiety, cognitive function etc. to determine whether there is any significant difference between those who claim to have the spirit of God living within them and those who do not.   Their assertion they are “Spirit filled” could be ascertained by independent observers.
  2. Check the accuracy of communication between people who have no other ways of communicating except by their God given spirit.
  3. Assess the level of post mortem catecholamines and predict retrospectively who was and who was not a person who believes they had the spirit of God within them.
  4. Determine different rates of wound healing among those who have the spirit of God or are being prayed for as opposed to those who do not
  5. Predict who was which type of believer depending on how peacefully those people died.
  6. Determine whether spirit filled people are able to receive death or disaster messages from distant friends or family, unbeknownst to what is about to happen, more or less accurately than those who deny the existence of a human spirit.
  7. Measure whether or not there are new verifiable insights as messages from God.
  8. Determine if children who are able to accurately guess the number of siblings they should have had if there were no pregnancy losses in their family.
  9. Determine if people are able to guess if  they were a twin without having been told so
  10. Check the survival rates in concentration or prisoner of war camps of equal horror among those who believe they have or have not the spirit of God.

It is no accident of evolution but the careful calculation of the Creator that man is
the middle mass.  Human size is approximately half way between the largest and the smallest objects in the universe.  This means he/she can with equal easy observe outward and inward.

It is no accident that at this point in history humans are able to observe more of
the farthest reaches of time and space.  With light and radio scopes we now observe galaxies that have already disappeared because the elastic band effect of the cosmological constant has made them exceed the speed of light.


This short book proposes a theory to address the who and why of creation.   Astrophysics has done incredibly well at understanding the what and how.  The difficulty has been they cannot proceed back in time beyond 1(-43) seconds.  There is no way that humans can conceive of or recreate conditions that will help them understand what happened in the very first brief milliseconds of the Big Bang.  Physics, having admitted that it cannot go beyond that, has contented itself with attempting to parcel out other amazing phenomena.  However they have usually avoided the questions of who created the Big Bang and why.

I assume that God is, that He thinks, that He desires and He has the will or capacity to create whatever He desires.  The most fundamental unit in the universe is God’s most simple thought.  His pure, precise thinking can be expressed in simple/complex formula E = mc2 or “love your neighbour”.  However in an infinite number of combinations and permutations God’s thoughts are infinitely complex.

Simple human thoughts are the fundamental unit of human existence though no one uses their full capacity to think, people are capable of remarkable discoveries in art and science and very useful inventions.  However humans do not create nor do they have free will.  They have choice, much freer for some than others.  The most basic choice is whether or not they will honestly follow their innate curiosity sparked by simple observation of creation.  For that pursuit of truth will lead them to the source of truth, if they do not quail or succumb to their narcissism.  There is no way humans can conceive of what preceded God so this is a theory of secondary cause.  God caused humans because He desired to have interesting friends.  He wanted these creatures to love Him by their choice.  Therefore He put them into a beautiful environment and gave them a fundamental choice.   Under those initial conditions the possibility of choosing to be friends with God or to be like gods were precisely 50/50.  In some respects even God could not foresee which way humans would choose.  However, He made plans for both possibilities so that eventually what He desired, happened.

The initial choice was between very gradually getting to know God and all He is in an incredibly intriguing garden where everything was in harmony.  The other choice was to accept the illusion God’s enemy, Satan, described and “to know good and evil and in this way to become like gods”.  Humans then and humans now prefer to know everything and be like the gods.  Increasingly the knowledge has given them arrogance in the sense that they control their own destiny.

Even humans in wonderfully quiet and beautiful gardens too often prefer to go indoors and turn on the television.  It is the same choice of Adam and Eve, to quietly listen for God or quickly gain the knowledge of good and evil.  Television saturates their mind with misinformation until they become increasingly unable to detect what is true.  Although humans will never lose the capacity to detect what is correct because it resonates with fundamental structures of their being, that ability and sensitivity will gradually fade.

God’s thinking is precise and pure.  All the mathematical equations that sustain Him and His creation are precise (maybe pi is the exception) Out of His purity of motivation (love) and character and with the precision that emanates from that, God was able to create infinite energy and mass.  Because He chose to create in sequence, that sequence established what we know as time.  Thus God’s precise and pure thoughts resulted in infinite (α) energy (E), mass (M) and time (T).  TG = αEMT.

God conceived of this new creature in His likeness with high status, capable of considerable wit and wisdom and with free choice.  He then created an amazing universe to house, entertain and mature these humans.  Then He made the first pair.  Yet before God created the universe or man, He established a universal guiding principle, the Royal Law of Love.

Humans have choice.  The initial pair had free choice, probability 50/50.  Since that time no individual has had a free choice.  Their choices have been greatly influenced by factors over which they have no influence, namely their genes, the epoch of their time, the family into which they were born, their education etc.  However, since God created free choice for humans, he has maintained this as a free choice for humanity as a whole.  This means that worldwide humans collectively have a 50/50 chance of coming to know God.  Civilized society is created by the necessity of sharing equally the privileges of opportunity, understanding and wealth.

Humans can know God by exercising a choice that begins with any perception of creation.  A single star seen even through the murk of an inner city could create the question “what is it and who put it there?”  Answering that question can lead to a whole unfolding in the pursuit of truth so that eventually a person would discover God.  This is presupposing that this person will pursue truth honestly and fearlessly.

Humans fear truth because it tells them too much about themselves or because anything they discover implies that they must do something about it.  There is no abstract truth.  To know a truth, a person must act upon it.

Although it is impossible to measure God, it is possible to understand His thoughts.  Humans do not have free will but they have the privilege of discovering what God has laid before them.  They will find that as they seek to discover they find out more about not only the nature of things but the nature of God.

It is possible to understand God and matters of the spirit much like we discover the existence and the nature of “dark matter” by its effect, eg. gravitational lensing of photons.

Humans were given the capacity to not only know God but to love God.  Love is defined as meeting needs.   Needs are definable and measurable.  To that extent, because God is love, at least one aspect of God can be measured.

The amount of love a person gives or receives can be measured with considerable accuracy by determining how well that person meets the needs of others and how well he/she allows him/herself to have either needs met by the love of other humans.  Those needs are detected from each person’s unique blueprint.

Because God wanted a creature to love Him by choice and because all the other creatures knew Him directly and were over awed by His impact, God allowed one of His highest order of beings to rebel.  That was a chosen course by and for Satan.  Then he became the leader of a rebellion that failed.  The war in heaven was a war of concepts, mathematics and words.

The first sin was that of Satan in trying to be God.  He was defeated and allowed to infiltrate earth where he believed he could get back at God by subverting the highest order of God’s creatures.

God created humans a little lower than Himself but when they made the wrong choice, they fell from the exalted state.  Their minds were corrupted, their bodies began to decay and their spirit became dormant.  They bought Satan’s illusion that they could be like gods by knowing good and evil but instead they became increasingly unlike God.

This theory that asserts the initial decay that effects the whole universe began with Satan’s rebellion.  The second effect was human fall.  At that point in time, in a way only hazily comprehended, Satan was able to distort or tamper with the equations of the universe so that entropy was introduced.  Entropy meant that everything began to die. The environment and every human is increasingly affected by this adverse friction and chaos.   God might have chosen to reverse entropy or at least maintain the universe in the steady state with additional energy.  However God wanted people to understand that their choices were of great consequence.  To do this He ensured that humans experienced the consequences of their choices both good and evil.

The mysterious cosmological constant was probably put in place to ensure that the universe would continue to expand thereby making room for any number of creatures that God created or humans procreated.  There was never any need to limit population for lack of resources.  As always, those who are gaining power for themselves, used ignorance, fear and desires of others that made them cannon fodder in their drive to ascend.  In this instance it was to make people fearful with the often touted proclamation of “over population.’ (It has been known by demographers for at least twenty years that the real problem was implosion not explosion).  Free market economies cannot run on declining populations. This is becoming increasingly and painfully more apparent (38).

Human choice still has a great impact not only on themselves, their family, their neighbours, their nation but on the universe as a whole.  Obeying God’s command to love will slow the process of decay from entropy.  Thus the rate of decay equal Entropy (E) multiplied by the Cosmological Constant (CC) and narcissism of humans (Ψ) to the power of “n” (number of humans) and Satan’s activities divided by human love (β) to the power of “n” (number of humans) multiplied by God’s love (LG)

Rd = E x CC x Ψn  x S ÷ βn x LG

How this works precisely is not possible to know but at least it is possible to predict the outcome of humanity.  It appears at the present time there is diminishing love (the love of most will grow cold) (37) and as a result the world becomes increasingly chaotic, decadent and thus decaying.  Even though science is making so many wonderful discoveries, humans ignore the truth and prefer the lie the most important of which is they are in control.  They believe this because they think with all their knowledge of good and evil they are “like gods”.

Apparent sequence of events known to humans is:

  1. God is and is thinking
  2. The Royal Law of Love emanates from God and pervades all His realms
  3. God desires fellowship and created angelic beings of differing complexity for different functions.  (Secondary Cause, Stage I)
  4. Lucifer and many angels rebel, war with God, lose and are banished (Primary Decay, Stage I)
  5. God desires and conceives of fellowship with complex, high order beings who choose Him as friend (Secondary Cause, Stage II)
  6. God creates an unfolding and expanding universe (Secondary Cause, Stage III)
  7. God creates humans and gives them choice (Secondary Cause, Stage IV)
  8. Humans choose wrongly and fall from their ideal state (Primary Decay, Stage II)
  9. Humans introduce Entropy; loving and narcissism in continuing conflict
  10. God’s extreme intervention for reconciliation with man with the sacrificial death of His son
  11. Man’s episodic ennoblement but general decay
  12. God’s total recreation making the unseen world seen, cancels Entropy.

Humans can control some of their own destiny and some aspects of the universe by limiting entropy whenever they obey God’s command to love.  To do so every human must have God’s Spirit of love in them.

Guided by God’s spirit, human have kept searching for God and when courageous and honest have always found Him.  I have seen the Nestorian monument in China which was erected in 781.  Part of its remarkable inscription speaks of the longing of so many hearts.

“How vast and extensive is the True Way.
Yet how minute and mysterious it is.
Oh Lord, nothing is impossible for thee.
Help thy servants that they may preach,
Hereby we raise this noble monument.
We praise thee for thy great blessings upon us (39).”


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