A Poor Person’s Christmas Story

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A POOR PERSON’S CHRISTMAS STORY.        (For my children and grandchildren)

Philip Ney   27/12/08


“Wake up my little son (or daughter)   It’s Christmas”

 “I wasn’t asleep mamma.  I was lying still so I could keep hearing the angels sing”

 “You must have been dreaming.”

 “If it was a dream, it was so wonderful I wish it could go on for ever and ever”

 ‘We’ll talk about it some more, Banda (or Bandina)  Right now I want you to get up, wash your face, dress in your best clothes then do the chores.  But be sure to stay clean.  And be careful to check the nest carefully.  The old hen sometimes hides her eggs.  I was hoping she might lay one for Christmas.”

 “Yes, mamma. I want to talk some more about the dream, so I don’t forget any of it.  Can I talk at breakfast, OK?”

 Later. “That’s my boy/ girl Thank you for all the wood.  How is the old dog?  Did the old hen have an egg for us?”

 “Old Laddy is getting awfully thin, mamma”  “Old brown hen didn’t have an egg”

“Well come and have our Christmas breakfast.  I saved some flour and raisins so we have a raisin loaf, just like I had when I was a little girl”.

 “Mamma, I want to tell you some more about my dream.”  “These weren’t just your plane, ordinary angels. There were armies of angels all over the sky.  They were huge and had wonderful swords.  There must have been millions of them.  At first I was very frightened but the leader told me not to be afraid because they had come in peace and had important news. Then they started singing.  It was amazing.  There were millions of bright shining warriors singing.  The ground shook.  Who were they mamma?  What was the news?”

 “Why my precious little boy?  I believe you dreamed about the story from Luke’s gospel that I read to you last night.  They were the armies of heaven.  They came with the best news ever.   God sent his only son as a newborn baby, so we wouldn’t be frightened and so we could get to know God.”

 “The Bible said they were singing to shepherds, up in the hills. Why not to the king?”

 “I suppose it was because kings are too busy and important to listen to God’s music. The shepherds were poor like us and really wanted a miracle.”

 “So why did God send all the armies, mamma?

  “It was an invasion.  Jesus came to defeat the prince of the world, the evil one.”  And because God loves babies and wanted to be sure His son was protected and because…..” I am sure that when Jesus leads His armies back to our sad old world, He will look fierce and the angels will be shouting not signing.

 “My daddy was in the army wasn’t he mamma?”

“Yes, my son.  He was a very brave cavalryman.  But it was a terrible battle and he was killed.  Oh how I wish he had never gone to war.  He said he had no choice”.

   And mamma started to cry.  But wanting to be happy for Jesus’ birthday, she dried her eyes and tried to smile. She welcomed her son changing the subject.

 “But mamma, how could a newborn baby lead those armies?”

 “How a baby could lead those armies, I am not sure Banda, but I do know that babies are much wiser than you think.  It seems their spirits are much more mature than their mind or body.”

 “Was my spirit more grown up when I was a baby, mamma?”

  “Yes.  When you were barely one, I showed you an old picture I keep of Jesus having supper with his disciples for the last time.  I said to you, show me Jesus.  You picked him out right away.”

 “Mamma, do you believe in miracles?”

 “Of course, Banda”

“I was teasing you mamma.  The old hen didn’t give us one egg.  She gave us two. Look.  Aren’t they beautiful?  One for each of us  It’s a miracle, isn’t it mamma?”

 “Now Banda.  Hens never lay two eggs on the same day.  You probably missed it yesterday.”

 “No mamma.  You know I like eggs so I am careful to look in all her favorite hiding places.” It’s a miracle isn’t it mamma?  It is a Christmas miracle because Christmas is a miracle.  I’m sure of it.”

 Are YOU?