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This page offers you the opportunity to share your views and news from your part of the world with the Messengers2 community. Please submit brief postings by e-mail to: . All news information must be verifiable. Please...

Prayer and Praise

When prayer is answered, it is appropriate and healthy to say "Thank you" both to those who have worked and prayed with you, and to God, who has provided you with all things. If you forget to give Him thanks, you gradually lose touch with reality. You...


The following resources are available through A. Books, booklets, brochures and scientific reprints through Pioneer Publishing  and other publishers. B. Worldwide Training Opportunities  for Hope Alive Group Counselling through IHA...


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Training Opportunities

The International Hope Alive Counselors Association (IHACA)  Worldwide Training Opportunities for Hope Alive Group Counselling.             TRAINING NOTICE   - New!!! Hope Alive Level I training for counselors at Mt. Joy College (Victori...

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Messengers2 provides information, scientific data, thought provoking essays and an opportunity to contribute to a whole range of life issues including; eugenics, euthanasia, abortion, handicapped children, human ecology, marriage, families, child raising,...