Compassionate Care Bill S1696

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A COMPASSIONATE CRITIQUE OF THE US SENATE’S WOMEN’S HEALTH PROTECTION ACT # 1696 Philip G. Ney M.D. There is little evidence of human’s inherent goodness. Although there are good family and community building instincts, these had to be encouraged and guided by just laws enacted by wise people elected by a well-informed populace. Healers thru doing good are elevated by patient gratitude to a higher status. Too many have used this position to disregard the self-imposed restraints of their profession. Thus there has always been legislation to keep all physicians within the bounds of good...

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COMMENTARY ON CYRYB (Can You Remember Your Baby Days)

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COMMENTARY ON CYRYB (Can You Remember Your Baby Days) Philip G.NEY 5/7/2014   When people remember their preborn life, they discover the continuity of living. “I was such a small person then but now I remember the sound of an explosion. My mother said it was a bomb that destroyed the house next door when we lived in London during the air raids.  Now I realize why I am so afraid of loud sudden noises. If I can remember that I must have been thinking. I must have been me way back when I was only 7 months old in my mother’s womb.” Behind most evils that humans do to each other is the...

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INTENSE BACK PAIN:The natural root to relief

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INTENSE BACK PAIN: THE NATURAL ROOT TO RELIEF                30/11/2016     Backs are not my specialty but I’m an expert because for most of my life I have had “the pain”, like no other pain, lumbar and cervical.  A fall from the hayloft when I was a child began this odyssey of suffering and limitation. 65 years later I running and jumping and operating a moderately large chain saw because the Good Lord told me what to do.    Simply sleep with a 4 inch plastic pipe (6” is better) or 4×6 beam under your mattress. No, not pillows under your back, they will pop...

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GOOD GRIEF AND GRIEF FOLLOWING ABORTION   Posted by Philip Ney on Aug 17, 2004 in Science at     INTRODUCTION   Though painful, grief should be natural and normal because it is a necessary process and very few people will be spared. Grief is the acutely conflicted process of detaching and it always hurts. Post Abortion Grief (PAG) is seldom natural, and it is never easy. It is painful, prolonged. For most post abortion people, in this life, it never ends. Yet once the impediments are removed (PAG) will flow with little effort and end satisfactorily. There are...

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PHILIP G. NEY M.D.   8/12/2012 Figure 1: Typing with comfort using MART, after years of pain and paresthesia in my hands. PATHO-PHYSIOLOGY The shoulder girdle muscles must stay contracted and almost immobile all day while typing to keep the arms elevated off the key-board. Both the immobility and the constant contraction reduce the blood flow to muscles and tendons. The result is fatigue but more importantly a reduction in the production of synovial lubricating fluid in the tendon sheath. Then the tendon and joints really hurt both from friction and from hypo-vascular slow...

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Response to “Forsaken Lives” and a much better proposal “Abortion Reformation”.

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Introduction I have read over “Forsaken Lives” from the Center for Reproductive Rights, New York. This document is intended to sway the Philippine Parliament into changing it’s abortion laws, retrogressively. It is long, repititious and boring. It makes it’s case repeatedly based on the “suffering” of certain women who did not have a “clean, safe abortion”. This is not the way to build a case because it is very easy to find just as many cases who were denied an abortion and now live happily with the child they intended to abort. Logic and Fact....

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